Good Vibes

At HOPE, we believe in keeping it fresh. Unlike common yoga classes, you will never feel bored at HOPE. In 2012, HOPE was the first studio in the area to combine Hip Hop music with yoga. Our beat bumping classes will motivate you to reach your fitness goals, and will leave you feeling centered and stress-free.

Be Confident

Strong is the new sexy, and we promise to make you strong. Many classes at HOPE are physically challenging, but all poses and exercises are simple enough that they are suitable for beginners. We offer a variety of classes, from basic yoga (“Flow”) to more fitness based yoga (“Shred” “Tone” “Hip Hop”) all with the goal of helping you to lose weight, get strong, and feel sexy.

Your Sanctuary

You can sign up online or come as a walk in. Arrive in workout clothes & expect to sweat! We rent yoga mats and weights for $1 each. You can enjoy complimentary fruit-infused water at the studio. Give yourself a few classes to learn the exercises & build your endurance, taking the freedom to do as much or as little as you want in class! Just have fun with it!!!


Jennifer Azadnia, owner of HOPE, is a certified yoga instructor and master of meditation.

She opened HOPE in 2012 but has been practicing the physical aspects (asanas) of yoga for almost 20 years. In 2009, blessed with the guidance of two enlightened masters, Jennifer retreated from “normal life” to explore the deeper spiritual roots of yoga. She devoted herself to the teachings of her gurus, practicing three hours of yoga and over five hours of meditation every day, for approximately two years.

She emerged with a deep sense of happiness, freedom and confidence. Ever grateful to her teachers, Jennifer loves to help others connect with their own inherent happiness, confidence and self-love.